Breakfast is key for weight reduction.

The problem is that a lot of people have forgotten about breakfast. That cup of coffee in the morning may stimulate your central nervous system, but it doesn’t provide much in terms of nutrients.

The most simple weight loss breakfast…

It is…

Whole Eggs (at least three)

18+ grams of protein and loaded with other essential nutrients for optimal health.

If cholesterol is an issue for you, then thats an even greater reason to eat eggs! Lose weight, have better cholesterol.

Whole Eggs, NOT egg whites

The yolk of an egg is packed with nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins.

Your body will utilize the fat as a form of low-glycemic energy.

The other nutrients will be delivered into your cells at in a healthy fashion.

Start here, get results, then continue on

People who eat eggs for breakfast tend to eat less in the evening. More importantly, people who eat eggs in their diet tend to have a better body composition (ratio of fat to lean tissue).

Start with eggs for breakfast, and get the results. You’ll like it.

After that, you should learn about more foods which support a healthy lifestyle.

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