A lot of overweight people will tell you one thing…

That they don’t actually eat that much.

And I believe them.

Many factors contribute to weight gain, not just quantity of food

Aside from metabolic diseases, there can be many reasons for weight gain…

  • Genetics
  • Not eating breakfast, but consuming more food at night time
  • Too many simple carbohydrates like sugar
  • Lack of fruits and vegetables
  • Less than 6 hours of sleep
  • Stress from work, family, life, and weight
  • Insufficient quantity or quality of exercise

You gotta give your body a reason to burn that fat

I am all about nutrients. I care more about the nutrient-density of my food than any other factor.

The reason fruit and vegetables aid weight loss is not just because they are low-calorie. Actually, fruits and vegetables contain valuable antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (many of which are still being discovered scientifically) that support the natural function of the human body.

Fat-burning is Natural

Our bodies are often utilizing fat for energy.

The people who lose weight are the people who burn more fat than they store. On the opposite side, the people who gain weight are people who store more fat than they burn — but they are STILL burning some fat everyday.

Ideally, you want to optimize fat burning by feeding the LEAN tissue in your body (especially muscles, but also organs). You also want to feed your bones to maintain healthy bone mineral density.

Without the proper nutrients, your body will store toxins in the fat while leeching minerals and amino acids from other parts of your body.

Fool-proof weight loss

Everyone can lose weight, I really believe that.

Here’s a simple way that WORKS:

  1. Eggs for breakfast
  2. Fruit for snack (different varieties of fruits)
  3. Quinoa + Vegetables + Guacamole for lunch
  4. Handful of nuts for afternoon snack (almonds, sesame seeds, and a brazil nut)
  5. Salmon + Vegetables for dinner
  6. Unflavored Yogurt 1 hour before bed

Continue this, and try to add some variety to it as well.

This isn’t “six meals” per day. It’s actually only three meals, with three snacks. By separating fruits from meals, you can aid digestion and keep your body energized.

It works, but are you dedicated enough to try it?

It has never been about eating less.

It has ALWAYS been about Eating Right

Eating right is about eating nutrient-dense foods at the right time during the day.

What is it that you are doing right currently?

What is is that you can do today to benefit your goals?

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