Benefits of Pull Ups

  • Strengthen biceps, grip, and back muscles
  • Develop functional strength in the upper body
  • Promote fat-loss and physique improvements
  • Are achievable by men and women with dedication

Form Cues for Pull Ups:

  1. Grip the bar hard
  2. Keep “active shoulders” by pulling your shoulder blades back (as shown in the video)
  3. Maintain core tightness
  4. Squeeze your butt (it helps for strength, I promise)
  5. Keep legs tight and close together (many people will cross their legs)

*Lean back

*Pull with your elbows — in order to activate your stronger back muscles

*Be explosive — it’s much easier to go up fast than go up slow.

*Believe you will improve with practice


Also, check out the Chin Ups variation.

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