I like carbs because I believe in a balanced diet.

The ideal carb-rich food:

  • contains high fiber
  • strong antioxidant capacities
Extremely high nutrient density found in this fresh Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Parsley juice and Wheatgrass shot.

Many nutrients found in this fresh Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Parsley juice and Wheatgrass shot

  • hydration or mineral sources
  • live culture and probiotic activity
  • vitamins
  • pleasure

Practical examples:

  1. Fibrous carbs: Lentils, split peas, quinoa, brown rice, some roots, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, and other plants/herbs.
  2. High antioxidant/anti-inflammatory capacities: Beets, leafy green vegetables, colorful fruits, algae, green grass juice, purple potato, cherries, blueberries, black beans, peaches
  3. Hydrating or mineral dense: coconut water, fresh juices from colorful ingredients, fresh fruits, plants from the ocean, sweet potatos
  4. Probiotic activity: Kombucha (very popular now), Kefir, tempeh, fermented vegetables (common are kim-chi and raw sauerkraut), any fermented plant containing beneficial bacteria
  5. Vitamins: Sweet Potato (beta-carotene / vitamin a), chickpea (vitamin b-6), red bell pepper (high vitamin-c and antioxidants), beet juice (folic acid), this is a cool resource
  6. Yum

Use carbs for energy and those benefits

and stay tuned

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