The Worlds Top Bottom…to be the most round, the most firm, and the most perfect.

What is it about those two symmetrical chunks making up our tush that draws such fascination and attention?

Victoria won’t reveal her secrets about the rump, but I will.

It’s a sex symbol. The golden ratio of 0.6:1.0 could guarantee any woman super model status with that very rare waist to hip ratio. Body Mass Index plays no role here — only ratios.

The golden ratio is used in architecture, paintings, and determining within a millisecond a potential mate’s health and fertility levels.

For others, the glutes are featured as the source of physical strength and power.

The butt is the strongest muscle in the human body, which is why athletes are required to develop their lower body strength.

Most people would benefit from gluteus maximus strength training since it plays a big role in promoting healthy, pain-free low back.

Think about it this way…who’s body is in better overall condition: the guy with huge biceps or the guy who could pick up 400 lbs off the ground?

Glutes win every time.

How to Tone and Shape the Perfect Butt

Exercises like Lunges, Step Ups, and Squats not only shape a fine asset, but also burn fat too!

Speaking of burning fat, you also need a steady intake of healthy, whole foods to energize your workouts and supply your body with the nutrition it needs.

Hips don’t Lie

Whether you want to live pain-free, or attract more attention, the butt shows it all.

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