Common “natural” fat loss supplements

Do these things actually work?

Today a customer purchased $90 of Acai juice because, “this stuff actually works. I’ve lost ten pounds already.

If testimonials weren’t influential, I’m not sure how we could sell a lot of these products. Thats Social Proof in action.

The following list exposes the claims of common Natural Weight Loss Supplements available in your local health store.

1. The Tea-based Fat Burner

Research has proven that Green Tea boosts metabolism and fat burning, in addition to being a great source of antioxidants.

For most people, a Tea-based fat burner is a healthy option that works over time.

2. Natural Appetite Suppresent

If you’re looking to suppress your appetite, stay away from Alfalfa because it will do the opposite. On the other hand, many people find benefits from using a particular plant supplement that tricks your mind into thinking it’s full.

Hoodia gordonii has minimal science to establish fact, but most people find that it works as it claims. You take this an hour before your meals and you will have a smaller appetite.

The drawback? I think your body does NOT enjoy being tricked all the time, because over a few weeks, many of my customers have said the effects stopped working. The body simply adapts.

You might find benefit if you are going on an exotic vacation in three weeks and need to slim down, but this does not seem like a long term solution.

3. Herbal Sugar Killer

Imagine, for a moment, chewing on a leaf and losing your ability to taste sugar. It’s true.

Chewing on Gymnema sylvestre will block your tongue’s sweet taste receptors and turn your ice cream dessert into a melting pile of revolt.

So internally, it seems to reduce glucose from entering into the blood stream from the intestines. Thus, having a blood sugar lowering effect.

Will it work for you? Maybe, but if you still eat sweets, I wonder where all the glucose is going to go…

4. Fiber Filler Upper

You have probably heard how fiber can fill you up without the calories. No doubt in my mind that fiber is a highly valuable nutrient that contributes to a healthy colon, smooth bowel movements, and fat loss.

The Fiber strategy is one that I definitely find myself backing.

One of our most popular weight loss fiber blends is called PGx, which seems to be a powerful regulator in blood sugar levels. You take it 30 minutes before meals and the fiber begins to absorb liquids, expands, and makes you want to eat less food during your subsequent meal.

Aside from the weight management benefits, the idea of disease prevention and smooth movements is so valuable that you would have to be a** backwards not to recognize it.

Relax, it’s a joke. But, If you already consume 35 grams of fiber per day, then chances are that you’re probably not overweight.

Since most people don’t get enough fiber from nutrition, a fiber supplement can promote healthy weight loss.


These are on a whole other level. They affect your body’s natural metabolism with a significant blend of herbs, amino acids, stimulants, or chemicals. Some names you may recognize include Redline, Hydroxycut, Hot Rox, and Ripped Fuel.

Common side effects include feeling jittery, increased heart rate, warmer body temperature, poor sleep, loss of muscle mass, and an empty wallet.

On the other hand, benefits are an increased metabolism, very high energy, and a cool looking bottle.

These aren’t healthy, don’t give sustainable fat loss, and are really expensive. But I’m all about freedom of choice, and if a customer wants me to tell him which one is the strongest — well it just makes my job easy because I can bring in big profit for my company.

6. Acai Berry Juice / Capsules

Known for its exotic origin in the depth of the Amazon forest, this berry has found its way into pop culture from Oprah to your grandma. How do you even pronounce it anyway?

I pronounce it “Ah-Sigh-E” and gain instant street cred from my customers. Either way, Acai is a mass marketed supplement in America that only comes in juice, powder, or pill form. The fresh berries are not viable in our market.

Acai is known as a super antioxidant, with other benefits including healthy fat and protein.

Truth: Acai is a very healthy and nutritious supplement.

Myth: Acai burns more fat than a cup of coffee.

Anything with caffeine will likely produce greater fat oxidation effects than Acai.

The people who benefit most from Acai are those who already have a somewhat poor diet. Adding acai to a bad diet is like adding Michael Jordan to a high school basketball team: The team will still not be very good by professional standards, but the star player brings up the value of the team.

If you are already eating a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, acai is unnecessary, but feel free to indulge if you have the spare money and curiosity.

I only support TWO of the above fat burners.

Can you guess which ones?

Take a moment to notice the ones you are attracted towards most.

Based on overall health and effectiveness, I would support Green Tea fat burners, and Fiber Filler Uppers as a means of promoting healthy weight loss.

The extreme weight loss pills might take you for a ride, but they will leave you worse off than where you started.

Diet and exercise

Lets keep it real, my friends.

The best Fat Loss known to man

This blog is as close as you’ll come to the magic pill. The reason is that here at Ellison Fitness, we’re all about nutrition and effective exercise — because it works.

Check the blog archive for meal strategies that keep you lean and satisfied.

And Stay tuned for more practical tips…


  1. Is there any way to know how many cups of steeped green tea would have the same effects as one of those pills? I assume you are consumeing the actual plant in the pill.

  2. Depends, a lot of the pills will be Green Tea extract — the caffeinated antioxidant known as EGCG. Based on dosage, one pill might equal a cup of tea.

    Either way, I prefer drinking the actual tea if possible. Tastes good, makes me feel good. The pills are just convenient.

    This tea I like a lot…it’s pretty mellowing, helps to reduce stress, but also gives energy from green tea.

  3. It is really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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