Korean women have beautiful skin, is this a fair stereotype?

"HI! 🙂 🙂 I eat Kimchi ^^"

According to the former Korean agricultural minister: YES!

Genetics may play a role, but diet is the real secret.

The thought of Kimchi may arouse senses of a pungent, spicy dish, which requires most Americans some getting used to. But along with the pungent odor, Kimchi has incredible health benefits inside and out.

Health Benefits of Korean Kimchi

$9.99 at the local Asian market, ridiculously healthy

Since Kimchi is a fermented food, it will contain live bacteria, also known as Probiotics. Consider Kimchi an ecosystem in itself, which can contribute positively to your own ecosystem.

  1. Healthy bacteria essential to immune system and digestion
  2. Strains of bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, break down indigestible food in your body and produce B-vitamins for your use.
  3. Cabbage is very low in calories and high in nutrients: Vitamins A and C in particular.
  4. Kimchi also contains garlic, a powerful immune booster
  5. This raw food contains active enzymes to help you digest food, and act as a catalyst for essential body functions.
  6. Kimchi keeps your intestines in good shape, reducing and healing ulcers, and possibly fighting cancer as well.
  7. Healthy vaginal health, including less bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections

Kimchi is a powerful health food, which promotes fat loss and reduces gas and bloating.

In other words, Kimchi boosts quality of life, and thats what I really care about.

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  1. how do you eat it? just out of the jar, or do you have to cook it? do you drink the kimchi juices?

    1. Eat it right out of the Jar. do NOT cook it.

      Kimchi is raw, which preserves all of the enzymes. But more importantly, Kimchi contains billions of live probiotic bacteria per serving that are also heat sensitive.

      Store in the refrigerator and keep out of sunlight. The Kimchi juices ARE beneficial, but I do not enjoy drinking the juices at this time. The Kimchi itself provides more than enough health benefits.

      Use it as a side dish, serving size is about half the size of your fist. Better to eat Kimchi 3x throughout the day instead of a large serving at one time.


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