Amp the Fat-Burning with Complex Carbohydrates for Fat Loss


A delicious way to Burn the Fat!

With your friends, ‘Carbs’ no longer needs to be a dirty word. Complex Carbohydrates are a great way to live.

Primal complexity from a carbohydrate!

Made possible by Complex Carbs

Now, to harness the energy...

Three good reasons to eat complex carbs

1. Awesome energy for daily duties and leisure.

2. Beneficial to the digestive system, you enjoy certain regularity.


It’s all about the ingredients.

Split Peas or Lentils – boil water and simmer till ready

Add these

+Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

+Braggs Liquid Aminos (instead of salt)

+Mrs. Dash seasoning

Then to boost the nutritional content, add any sort of vegetable you could possibly want.

Top it off with fresh avocado and you’ll be in heaven.

Stay fit, my friends.

6 comments on “Amp the Fat-Burning with Complex Carbohydrates for Fat Loss

  1. bodyhacker says:

    We definitely agree that it’s all about the ingredients!

    My husband and I have been on a low calorie diet for about 4 years now and Bragg’s is definitely one of our staples. We use it instead of soy sauce in allot of our recipes. If you like Bison we list one of our favorite recipes under our ‘Food Findings’ or ‘Recommended Recipes’: Bison Stirfry with Quinoa low calorie dishes (only 235 calories per serving although you can change any of the veggies)

    Hope you can enjoy and thanks again for the great post!

  2. James says:

    Coconut oil is great stuff i highly recommend it.

  3. seotonsgeek says:

    Oh mon dieu le seotons
    Seotons c’est célèbre


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  5. affithvatry says:

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