A valued reader emailed me:

Hey andre, i’ve been following your blogs for a long time now, honestly I want to get fit and all the health benefits of nutrition and exercising. But sadly I’m one of those people who has been inconsistent, but I made it a mission that this time onward I would stay consistent.

My regular work out right now (for 4 weeks), is doing P90X strength workout videos 3 times a week (every other day) with pull up bars, dumbbell up to 20 lb. And I would jog on the days I don’t work out. Even trying to keep my consistency, I still miss a work out or not jog on days i should during the week.

Getting started is easy… sticking with it isn’t.

We’ve all been there. We felt that we needed a change in our lives and for a week we do a really good job at it. But then slowly our bad habits start kicking in again and then we end up losing all that progress we made.

You need (the right kind) of Motivation.

Motivation can be described as the reason you do something and inspiration is the stimulation that compels you to become motivated.

Inspiration is motivational.

So the best way to get motivated is to focus on that which inspires you.

I am inspired by people who take it to the next level. Each video below demonstrates strength, discipline, and using goals for advancement.

You will notice that each competition is part of a greater movement relating to human ability. For example, whereas gymnastics and calisthenics are art forms which requires mastery over one’s body, strongman and powerlifting are more about brute strength over heavy objects. And in bodybuilding, you train only for aesthetics and appearance, but in crossfit you train in order to complete exercises against the clock.

I believe that anyone interested in a healthy, balanced lifestyle can gain value from every physical discipline. When you feel inspired by another person or a way of movement, consider the type of effort and training required for that person to get to such a point of accomplishment.










Have clear goals: it is the #1 form of empowerment.

The Fun is in the Training itself.

Eventually you realize that getting a six pack abs for the sake of having six pack abs is unsatisfying and boring.

However, when you are able to look forward to the time you spend training, you know you’ve reached a good spot in your goal setting. You should have fun while lifting weights and exercising… and if you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right.

Focus on realistic goals. Then set mini-goals, and then set mini-mini-mini goals. For example, a very minor goal might be “I will eat 1 cup of broccoli today” and that’s all you focus on. At the very moment that you consume 1 cup of broccoli, you will have attained a level of success, which will lead to greater levels of success. It will open the doors for whatever you want to achieve in your fitness goals.

When you are inspired, You become inspirational.

I know it because I see it.

People who glow of inspiration are the very people who inspire others, without even trying. The reason I blog is because you inspire me. I am dedicated because my gut feeling has me moving forward more days than not. I hope that you find the inspiration that has meaning for you, and to GO WITH IT!

If you want it, go out and get it.

You just gotta know WHAT you want!

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