The science of exercise suggests that Progressive Resistance is key to strength and progress

I’ll add that progressive resistance is also how you’ll end up burning more fat.

Rach Row

Progressive resistance on the WaterRower would be to achieve faster times than your previous best

Why is progressive resistance important for me?

By progressively…

  • Using heavier weights than before
  • Doing more work in less time (decreasing rest intervals)
  • Increasing volume (doing more sets)
  • Adding reps (example, if you did 8 reps of chest press and failed at 9 reps, then on a future workout, you achieve 9 reps then it counts as progress)
  • Running faster on the treadmill (which means higher intensity)
  • Greater incline at various speeds on the treadmill (akin to “going heavier” and will help develop the glutes and legs)

… then you will get more results.

Achieve more

All that fitness success comes down to the similar principles as other domains for advancement and progress. If you keep doing the same thing, then you will keep looking and feeling the same way.

May you achieve together

May you achieve together

So make fat loss progress by using the exercise science techniques of progressive resistance. There’s something for everyone here. You don’t always have to go heavier, you can also go faster. Get it!!

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