Personal trainers leave an impact everyday

Think about the ways in which you’ve ever felt inspired. I get inspired by people enjoying their workouts. It is wonderful to surround yourself with individuals, groups, and organizations who add value to your life.

The workout always comes first

It’s about the workout, dummy

Coaching means investing in people

When you invest your time in others, does it make you feel good about yourself? We all leave an impact on others and sometimes that impact can be quite compelling and attractive.

Filling a hole on the web and Seattle

This doesn’t need to look like a guide even though it involves a few practical steps


Personal trainers do not want to date their clients for professional reasons, so sparking their passion would be a very naughty thing to do.

How to Date a Personal Trainer


1. Be there to train and to workout 

People come in many shapes and sizes, so let your personality shine as you work hard to improve your fitness.

2. Proximity and showing signs of availability 

This is common sense. If you give more time and opportunity to interaction, then at least you can test the waters. Stay around and stretch after class or when the person has a break.

3. Exercise and be fit together

Whether you want to be the workout partner or perhaps you get off on being told what to do, working out together is a great way to get excited about each other.

Don’t look too deep into it

Personal trainers often have outgoing personalities since they have many opportunities for banter.

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