Do you get confidence from having a great body?

The answer to this question isn’t clear for many of us, even people who most of us would perceive to exude both grace and beauty.

Body image is complex

Take a moment to reflect on your thought process on your body currently. Do you find yourself often thinking how it needs to be different or are you thinking about what your body is capable of?

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“I stay active, it’s what I do.”


It goes back to performance goals vs. aesthetic goals. People who make fitness part of their lifestyle are those who enjoy feeling improved performance. You realize that you’ll never look like anybody else because your body is unique. Gain strength, both inner and outer.

Self esteem linked to action

You can be confident in your abilities, but if you don’t take the right action then you might still suffer consequences of esteem.

This is why performance goals reign supreme in fitness and will leave you feeling good about yourself. All fitness levels will be able to improve upon some parameter of physical fitness by improving strength through a healthy range of motion.

It’s what you do that counts

Eating those fresh vegetables. When it comes down to it’s deepest essence, that is DOING!


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