The Big Climb is about Elevation

You must rise up. To rise up is to fight against cancer and there are many ways to do this.

Incline and vertical training for fat loss

There is something I can be passionate about for rising up. Working your way up the pull of gravity is key to the disease prevention lifestyle.

Disease prevention with incline training

Fat loss, muscle tone, and improved cardiovascular health can be achieved through a moderate-to-high intensity training regimen with fresh nutrition.

That’s why I captained the Big Climb 2015 Seattle team

Team Orangetheory Fitness Seattle at the Big Climb 2015

Team Orangetheory Fitness Seattle at the Big Climb 2015

The above picture was moments away from the starting stairwell to go up 69 stories in Seattle’s Columbia Tower.

A gray day won’t stop us now

Getting to the top is the inherent value, if the view is decent then bonus

Getting to the top is inherent in value, if the view was amazing then it would just be excess

Make it to the top!

Here is Seattle in all of its spring glory, I was happy to be catching my breath with this in sight

Here is Seattle on an inevitable day with the gray and I have sweat through my shirt just now

Congrats to the finishers

Woo feels good to finish! Rachel and Julianne celebrate

Feels good now! Julianne and Rachel celebrating Big Climb 2015 achievement

Looking over the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, and Magnolia

Not one of Seattle's finest days when it comes to views but still enough to appreciate

Take in the view and then let’s go eat something

Thoughts about the Climb 2015

This fundraising effort was rife with support from many individuals. I appreciate you all for that, and for being here reading this. Here are a few thoughts I have about the Big Climb 2015

  • Your heart is the most important muscle and you should eat to support it
  • When I consume a beetroot, carrot, kale juice, it’s because I feel like it helps me breathe better
  • Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth
  • Use your upper body and core strength to pull yourself up and to push through the turns
  • Core strength improves with progressive resistance training
  • Pump yourself up and do what it takes even if it means some self talk!
  • Do it again for next year

Our team will continue on. We celebrated at a Sunday Happy Hour downtown and then walked home thanks to our city dwelling lifestyles.

Later that day

The spring day in Seattle departed with rays through lingering levels of moisture

The spring day in Seattle departed with rays through lingering levels of moisture

Thank you for reading and stay tuned

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