Fitness tips and techniques to burn fat faster

Here are a few tips to help you in the fat loss journey starting with…

1. Drink more water before meals 

If you intend to burn fat, then the energy needs to be moving. Support the flow with H20. Water before meals is associated with fat loss in a study of adults.


2. Focus on the healthy internal gut bacteria

Kefir is a great example of a fermented food for fat loss and gut health. More than that, it can reduce allergic responses and make the immune system more efficient. Along with antioxidant effects, fermented foods provide powerful fat burning nutrients.

3. Run fast up hills (HIIT)

Running fast up hill is pure fat burn potential. Whether at first it is a jog, then a run until finally you decide to sprint. Getting up that incline is devastating for fat cells. The benefit of high intensity interval training is that MOST of the fat loss comes after the workout.

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