The instructor should be curious about your physical condition

I learn about a person’s fitness history by asking open ended questions. We can figure out the program together.

Before I get to the tips, I wanted to mention types of people who may be interested in modifying their workouts.

People who may be interested:

a. person wanting to burn fat

b. person wanting to improve lean muscle tone 

c. Trainees who seek balanced workout programs (aka promoting joint health and longevity with fitness)

Tip #1 Focus on the postural muscles (also do one side at a time for added benefit when possible)

The first tip is to improve your strength/skill in movements that most powerfully engage the leg, glute, and back muscles. These moves may reduce the loss of function could reverse problems associated with sitting too much.

  • Core and back 
    • TRX/STRAPS Inverted Row
    • Single arm bent over row
    • Single arm TRX/STRAPS Row
    • TRX/STRAPS Rollouts
    • Ab Dolly Rollouts
  • Upper body power
    • Med ball tricep push up (progress by elevating the feet, or performing alternating leg lifts during reps)
    • Single-arm DB bench press
    • Kneeling clap push ups, power push ups
    • Single-arm DB standing overhead press
    • Single-arm clean and press
  • Legs with Glute emphasis
    • Bench step ups, step downs (where front foot stays on the bench), and single leg squats on a bench
    • Reverse lunge especially practicing the hinging at the hips
    • Single leg glute bridges, hip bridge, hip thrusts, weighted swings
    • Single leg deadlift with emphasis on hinging at the hips and driving the glute in order to propel the core
    • When glutes are activated properly, SQUATS, squats, squats and all of its variations 

You can perform these movements if other exercises make you feel pain OR if you really want to focus on that area of your body (totally okay in many cases). You may just need to strengthen the core and tone the back muscles until you start feeling really vital again.

Or go for the glutes and revitalize the foundation of your spine.

Tip #2 Burn Fat with Power-Walking and HIIT: 2-4xHIIT and up to 7/days week of low-moderate intensity such as making walking more part of your lifestyle and Power-Walking for fat loss

While there are people who recover well from workouts naturally, most of us need to get some decent rest and a fair amount of calories. It’s true that most fat burn comes from after the workout.


High Intensity Interval Training is the great torch of fat loss. On the other hand, you can’t do it all the time due to the very nature of the intensity (or intended intensity).HIIT is not good for the body when it is over-done.

Walking is like boiling for fat loss as opposed to torching, still effective for steaming the fat away. Power walkers practice a relatively challenging yet sometimes uncomfortable stride which can glide to fat loss accomplishments.

So go walking more and more. Walk. Eat and then go for a walk. Walk the extra mile.

If you are working out more than four days a week, you will probably feel better by making some days exclusively for walking especially at inclines.

Tip #3 Do the most challenging variation that you are capable of

Almost every exercise can be regressed into the most basic form or progressed into advanced skill challenges.

The more you progress, the better the fat loss. Gaining strength is more about the physical adaptations of the central nervous system and less about the true size of the musculature. Considering how much energy and metabolism the brain is responsible for, it should help you understand that the recovery from progressive training techniques is where the real fat burn lives strongly.

Strength is a skill. 

To gain strength, you must become more skillful about the movements which allows you to continue moving heavier weights. These physical skills promote healthy neural adaptations throughout the entire body so that a long, active, and mobile lifestyle is achievable for years to come.

In other words, when you do it harder, the brain tells the fat to burn.

Intense Workouts + Recovery are the catalysts and synergy for fat loss

Do hard workouts, consume high antioxidant and plant strong diets and get the rest you deserve. Then the fat has no options, it is taking a trip goodbye and the energy no longer acts as a redundant reservoir of excess energy on your body.

Let the fat boil, burn, or torch itself away!

Good luck stay tuned thank you for reading…


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