Are you benefiting currently from effective treadmill interval workouts?

A lot of people take classes at Orangetheory Fitness in Seattle nowadays. Some people say they can’t run any faster. They say that their legs won’t move faster. Is it true that they have hit a physical plateau?

Drive elbows and resist rotation at the core

Drive elbows and resist rotation at the core

Of course we all enjoy to witness feats of great athleticism from those we admire. Here’s some secrets about it…

I don’t care if you have short legs or longs legs

There are ways you can run faster and it’s not just about “believing you can do it” even though I know that’s a part of it.

Put your heart into it

Conquer it

It’s not just about believing in yourself. Running faster is not just about many steps you take on the ground. There’s more to running than that.

Your speed on the treadmill, at a variety of inclines, can improve progressively. And here’s how…

Be Stronger, get FASTER

It’s not about how many strides per minute you have.

Technique-wise, you must focus on applying more forward driving force into the ground from your feet up through your entire body. This is how you get faster. Then you keep training to get faster.

You must focus on generating more full body power. You can generate more power by driving the elbows explosively and focusing on resisting rotation in the core. Additionally, strength training is beneficial.

You can gain full body strength with the Dumbbell Goblet Squat exercise

You also can gain full body strength with the Dumbbell Goblet Squat exercise as an example

In terms of progression, over time you will be able to generate more power from performing regular full body strength training workouts to supplement the running and promote a healthy metabolism. The strength gained from resistance training has beneficial carryover into running and many many other areas of life and activities.

Hope you love running and training as much as I do… stay tuned for more


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